Case Study: Smoke Free At Home

Brief: Create two animated videos promoting the benefits of smoke free apartment living. One aimed at property owners, the other residents.

New Mexico based JaM Advertising and Productions approached ElectroPuppet to assist in the creation of two animated videos for their client, New Mexico Department of Health.

Jody Baxmeyer reached out to ElectroPuppet to discuss this project. Jody had already created a script and storyboard for the two videos, and required ElectroPuppet to design and build a puppet and provide all of the animation and compositing.

Smoke Free Storyboard

The first step was to create the right look for the building character. The building had to be expressive and able to hold an audiences attention. With a bit of back and forth, the right look was found and a puppet created.

Smoke Free Adobe Character Animator Puppet

Next Jody recorded the characters voice. Fortunately JaM are experts in sound design and voice production. Jody crafted a brilliant voice that brought nuance and personality to the building. After treating and editing the audio, JaM provided the sound file to ElectroPuppet.

Jam Media Production

With animation, the first step is to get the lip-sync right. Adobe Character Animator is good at getting you part of the way – but to ensure you get a really believable lip-sync, we go in and edit the visemes to better match. We wrote a post about that <here>.

Once we have a great lip-sync, we focus on one aspect of the animation, like the eyebrows, then blinks, then arms, until we have built out a great performance.

Smoke Free Adobe Character Animator Puppet
Smoke Free Adobe Character Animator Puppet

As the animation progressed, ElectroPuppet provided Jody and his team with regular updates so they could see how things were going and give their feedback.  

One thing Jody wanted to do from the beginning, was to use the ‘Clay Mates’ puppets to depict the residents in  realistic backgrounds. Mixed with the cartoon-style building made a unique look for the project.

Smoke Free Adobe Character Animator Clay Stop MotionPuppet

As the work progressed, temp backgrounds were replaced with high resolution versions from various online libraries. We tend to composite everything in Adobe After Effects and then edit the clips in Premiere Pro. This is all done with dynamic linking, which saves hours of render time.

Smoke Free Adobe Character Animator Clay Stop MotionPuppet
Smoke Free Adobe Character Animator Clay Stop MotionPuppet

After handing over the final videos, Jody added additional sound effects and music to make the end product soar. The final videos can now be used on websites, social media and other screen based presentations.

Overall everyone was really pleased with the process and end result.


Using this approach, JaM were able to provide their client with two high end videos, tailored to specific audiences, all within a budget. Also, JaM have a puppet that can be used in future print and video campaigns – and of course if they need help to create a more ambitious project – we are always happy to help!!

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