If you are feeling brave and would like to learn to build your own puppet in Adobe Character Animator, Dave Werner (aka Okay Samurai) has some fantastic tutorial resources.

The first video walks you through the process of creating a basic character in Adobe Illustrator. By making your character in illustrator it will be a vector based puppet. This means it is a much smaller file size and will work smoother in Character Animator. It also means that it is resolution independent, so if you need to scale up the puppet for a close up, it won’t look pixelated.

All our puppets at ElectroPuppet are vector based and carefully made in Illustrator.

If you are more comfortable or prefer working in Photoshop, Dave has also made a video walking through the process of making a character in photoshop as well;

Creating your own puppet can a frustrating experience – but the joy of bringing your own illustrations to life is really amazing!

Of course, creating a puppet isn’t for everyone. You may not have the time to create and troubleshoot a puppet. Or you may not have the drawing ability or software experience.

Luckily here at ElectroPuppet, we have a wide range of puppets fully rigged and eager to deliver your message. Make sure you checkout our store and checkout the unique features of each puppet.

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