Showcase 02

Customer Showcase #2

More examples of FANTASTIC work by some of our talented customers.

We love seeing the amazing work our customers are creating. Adobe Character Animator has meant those with little or no animation experience can create quality content quickly and easily.

Below are more customer created projects, all made with Adobe Character Animator. Each link will open in a new window (we want our customers to get those views!) Please consider hitting like and subscribing. If you’d like us to feature your work in our next showcase, please send a link via the contact page.


Ifill Reel Productions have created a place where the magic of childhood comes to play! The team at Ifill are creating fun and educational kids content filled with heart and soul.

They have created AMAZING Halloween musical numbers, stand up comedy skits, Veteran’s Day and Labor Day explainer videos and so much more! Many make use of ElectroPuppet characters to great effect.

Ifill 06
Ifill 07
Ifill 04
Ifill 05

Creator Samantha Ifill sent us a lovely email;

I am completely obsessed with Electro Puppet as you can see from my videos!!! I can’t express how much fun I have making content with them. I keep buying, so please keep making them!” 

We sure will Samantha!! – And please keep up the incredible work! We LOVE what you’re doing.

Ifill 03
Ifill 02
Ifill 01


Teaching can be one of the most rewarding professions… It can also be one of the most frustrating.

Bell Work Films are developing a hilarious series using theClay Mates characters to poke a bit of fun at the individuals and bureaucracy that make up the education system.

Created by high school teacher Josh Whicker, the animation offers a dry, understated, observational style of humor. At times it can move into the totally surreal. We particularly loved the episode about Lewis, the photocopy hog and where that episode went!! 

Bell 01
Bell 02

Josh has used photographic backgrounds with an impressionistic filter to create a unique world for his show. His animation work is amazing – particularly as Josh only started using Character Animator a few weeks before he created this series! Josh told us;

“I am glad I ran across your puppets–I had never used Character Animator until I started playing around with it about three weeks ago so I would never have been able to start producing clips this fast if I had to create the puppets myself. “

Keep up the great work Josh!


Bell 03
Bell 04



New Image Media are a video and marketing production company based in Cleveland, Ohio. Studio Manager Matt Barker reached out to ElectroPuppet to help on a rather unique project.Their client Tom from Pure Water Maryland required a talking drip tray to help explain the benefits of upgrading to their new technology. 

Drip 04

Working with Matt, ElectroPuppet built the talking drip tray puppet that had to have several different states of mouldiness. The puppet also had to have a range of expressions and triggerable features. The puppet took a couple of days and some back and forth, but was able to do everything required.

Matt and the team at New Image Media then provided all the scripting, storyboarding, voice, animation and post production services to deliver a great video to their happy client. 

If you want a brilliant company to look after all your video needs, be sure to contact New Image Media!

Drip 01
Drip 02
Drip 03


Award winning actor, director teacher and author, Larry Silverberg, runs the True Acting Institute and is regarded as the world’s foremost authority on the Sanford Meisner technique of acting.

When Larry is not doing all that, he is busy on his animated show, Shirley and Hal. Shirley & Hal follows an elderly couple and their genius grandson, Albert.The show uses a dry, deadpan style to explore deep philosophical issues and features some great back and forth banter between the two. 

SHS 01
SHS 02

Larry chose characters from The Presenters puppets to star in his show. He has also jumped into editing his puppets, changing their clothing color to better suit his needs. Larry uses live video and photorealistic backgrounds and he voices all the characters himself.

When Larry first got in contact with us he said;

“When I discovered the Adobe software, I got so excited about the possibilities with puppets and Character Animator that when I got the Adobe subscription, I did three things: I paid for the guy on Fiverr to do a custom puppet, I bought your puppet, and I bought some credits at another company. Your puppets simply work the best.”

We’re grateful Larry found us and have really enjoy his ongoing series. Keep it up Larry!

SHS 03
SHS 04
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