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Puppet for Adobe Character Animator (2020) - Updated (2022)

Alex is a fully rigged, front facing, male presenter from the ‘Kids’ series. Alex will lip sync to your voice (live and pre-recorded) as well as match your head position and eyes. Alex comes with different outfits including T-Shirt, pants, shorts and overcoat. Alex comes with a range of expressions and animated emotions. Alex is rigged for arm IK and has over ten prebuilt replay actions. Alex comes with a Trigger Sheet, for quick reference to all her triggers.

Quizzical, Worried, Angry, Surprised

Animated Emotions;
Embarrassed, Shocked, Scream, Grin, Frown

Blink, Wink, Tired

Outfits and Accessories;
T-Shirt, Pants, Shorts, Overcoat, Glasses, Cap, Fedora Hat, Scruffy-Hair, Shirt-Logo

Stacked-Books, Reading-Book, Open-Book, Holding-Book

Hands by side (default), right and left gesture, right and left point, right and left shrug, right and left idea, right wave, hands clasped behind, hands clasped in front.

Side, open, point, idea, gesture, fist

Back arms, Front arms

Download is delivered as a .zip file. The .zip file will contain the .puppet file as well as the Trigger .pdf and license information.

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Adobe Illustrator Puppet for Adobe Character Animator (2022)