El Mariachi puppet for Adobe Character Animator
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Puppet for Adobe Character Animator (2020)

El Mariachi is a Halloween/Día de Muertos puppet.

El Mariachi has three head views (front and 3/4 left & right). He has a large sombrero and two moustaches you can choose from.

When you arm El Mariachi with his guitar, you can control both hands to have him strum and play various cords with triggers. Team him up with La Catrina to make a fun musical number. 

If you’d rather not have him wearing his outfit he can just play guitar as a skeleton. 

El Mariachi also comes with pre-built animated gestures.

El Mariachi uses Nutcracker Jaw to match your mouth position and voice. Nutcracker is a simple style jaw that flaps up and down. You can adjust the settings in the behaviors panel.

Front, 3/4 left and 3/4 right (with Head Turner enabled).

Quizzical, Worried, Angry, Surprised, Squint

Nutcracker Jaw

Blink, Wink, Squint

Hands by side (default), right and left gesture, right and left point, right and left shrug, right and left idea, wave and hands clasped behind. Guitar with triggers hand actions.

Side (default), gesture, shrug, point.

IK rigged and set behind the body.

Download is delivered as a .zip file. The .zip file will contain the .puppet file as well as the Trigger .pdf and license information

El Mariachi puppet available for Adobe Character Animator
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