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Puppet for Adobe Character Animator (2023)

FROSTBITE is a fully rigged, front facing, presenter style SNOWMAN puppet. Frostbite will lip sync to your voice (live and pre-recorded) as well as match your head position.

Frostbite makes a great double-act alongside the smaller ICICLE Snowman puppet.

Frostbite comes with a range of expressions including Quizzical, Worried, Angry and Surprised. His mouth can look angry, grin, frown, scared, shocked and snarl.

Frostbite comes with a range of outfits and accessories. He can wear a bow tie. A scarf or a tie. Frostbite has a Santa style hat, Antlers or a top hat. He also has some eyewear including glasses, an eyepiece and ski goggles.

You can choose snow arms or stick arms. The full range of arm movement is available for both.

Frostbite also comes with a worn jacket that you can throw on him.

So what are you waiting for? Download and get animating right now!

NOTE: This puppet does NOT have the walk ability or left and right views. It is a front facing puppet.



Quizzical, Worried, Angry, Surprised

Animated Emotions;
Frown, Grin, Scared, Shocked, Snarl

Happy Blink, Content Blink

Normal Set, Angry Set

Glasses, Eyepievce, Ski Goggles.

Bow Tie, Scarf, Tie

Santa Hat, Top Hat, Antlers

Hands by side (default), right and left gesture, right and left point, right and left shrug, right and left idea, folded arms, Fists on hips, wide gesture (both arms).

Hands & Arms;
10 unique sets. Stick Arm and Snow Arm options.

Download is delivered as a .zip file. The .zip file will contain the .puppet file as well as the Trigger .pdf and license information.

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Adobe Illustrator Puppet for Adobe Character Animator (2023)