Puppet for Adobe Character Animator (2022)

The Lockers background is the perfect setting to stage your animated school scene within Adobe Character Animator. Our backgrounds are built to compliment our puppets.

Because our backgrounds are vector based, they will scale to any composition size you choose. 

The background is provided as both a puppet file and the original Illustrator file.

The Lockers background puppet file has simple triggers, so you can quickly switch various decorations on or off. Open or close one of the lockers and also choose from several school events to have shown on the poster. The poster also has a place that you can replace with your own poster in Adobe Illustrator.

The Illustrator file is also provided so you can import the background into Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro or your preferred compositing software.

So what are you waiting for? Download and get animating right now!

Please Note: No characters are included with this purchase.

Lockers Teens


Open/Close Locker
Flags On/Off
“Go Team” Banner On/Off

– “Science Fair”
– “Talent Show”
– “Retro Dance”
– “Your Own Artwork”

Download is delivered as a .zip file. The .zip file will contain the .puppet file, the artwork file as well as the Trigger .pdf and license information.

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Adobe Illustrator Puppet for Adobe Character Animator (2022)