Pumpkin Ned Adobe Character Animator Halloween puppet
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Puppet for Adobe Character Animator (2020)

King of the Pumpkin patch, and not much else – after all, he is stuck on a pole! But those moments you spend in the pumpkin patch will be truly terrifying!!

Pumpkin Ned is a front facing puppet ready to present your terrifying Halloween message!

Pumpkin Ned has an optional pilgrim hat. His eyeballs can be switched on or off. He even has a flickering lantern effect you can switch on and have the flames licking the inside of his hollow skull (yuck!)

Pumpkin Ned comes with a normal and angry mouth sets. He also has some face animations like grin, surprised and terror – where his face will stretch into a demonic snarl!

Quizzical, Worried, Angry, Surprised

Normal & frown mouth sets as well as shocked, grin and terror triggered mouths.

Blink, Wink, Squint

Hands by side (default), right and left gesture, right and left point, right and left shrug, right and left idea, wave, scarecrow pose, fists on hips and claw right and claw left.

Side (default), gesture, shrug, point.

IK rigged and set behind the body.

Download is delivered as a .zip file. The .zip file will contain the .puppet file as well as the Trigger .pdf and license information

Pumpkin Ned Adobe Character Animator Halloween Puppet
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Adobe Illustrator Puppet for Adobe Character Animator (2020)