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Puppet for Adobe Character Animator (2023)

SANTA’S WORKSHOP EXTERIOR is a simple, single layer background. A great place to stage your Xmas scenes! Use the exterior to introduce the scene – and then cut to the Santa Lounge background that is also available.

The Santa’s Workshop EXT. background has two times of day you can choose (Day and Night). At Night the stars are animated. 

You can have the house lights flicker inside. You can choose a ‘NORTH POLE’ sign, or a lamp-post – which you can also turn on and off. You can add a moon. You can also turn on animated chimney smoke.

This download does not contain any character puppets. It is just the background.

If you want character puppets as well, this download is included in the Toon Loons Xmas Bundle.



Light Flickers in house
Moon On/Off
North Pole Sign
Lamp-Post (with On/Off triggers)
Chimney Smoke

Download is delivered as a 1 MB .zip file. The .zip file will contain the .puppet file and Trigger Sheet as well as license information.

Santa WS
AI Logo

Adobe Illustrator Puppet for Adobe Character Animator (2023)