Toon Loons Theater Stage Background for Adobe Character Animator
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Puppet for Adobe Character Animator (2023)

The THEATER STAGE & SEATING is the perfect background to stage your theater based presentations.  You might have a person making a speech at a podium or microphone. You might want to perform a children’s play. You might want  to stage your bands animated performance. The uses are endless!

The Theater Stage & Seating contain two backgrounds. Each has multple layers so that you can place your character or props between.

Toon Loons Theater Stage Background for Adobe Character Animator



The Theater Stage has two layers. The foreground has the proscenium arch and curtains. The layer behind has the stage itself. That way you can have a puppet walk on stage or be revealed by the animated curtains. 

The Stage background comes with several options. You can choose a brown wall, a blue wall, a brick wall or a greenscreen.

It also has a number of triggered props. You can hang a banner (and replace the graphic with your own). You can have children’s theater flats on the stage. We have also included a lectern and a microphone stand as Adobe Illustrator files, so you can import and place them in front of the curtains or behind the curtains. 


The Theater Seating is a simple darkened theater with several rows of seating in which you can sandwich your puppets. It has no triggers.

Both backgrounds are delivered as puppet files. We have also included an Adobe Character Project file to demonstrate how to layer each background.

Because our backgrounds are vector based, they will scale to any composition size you choose. So you can zoom your camera right in!

NOTE: Adding more than a couple of characters to a scene can result in system lag. So if you intend to have more than a few characters on stage or seated, you may have to switch the visibility OFF on characters you are not working on – OR work on each character on it’s own scene and composite together in After Effects.

No characters are included with this purchase.

Toon Loons Theater Seating Background for Adobe Character Animator


Curtains Open/Close
Brown/Blue/Brick/Green Background
Hanging Banner
Children’s Flats (trees & Hanging Clouds
Background banner Red/Dull Purple/Purple/Greenscreen
Background color Blue/Green

Lectern and Microphone Props 
(Included as separate Illustrator files to import)


No triggers – just three layers of seating to insert characters.

Download is delivered as a 16.4 MB .zip file. The .zip file will contain the .puppet files, a project file and Trigger Sheets for each background as well as license information.

Toon Loons Theater Stage Background for Adobe Character Animator
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