Adobe Character Animator Xmas Crew puppets
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Puppets for Adobe Character Animator (2021)

The Christmas Crew are a great way to create a festive Christmas message for family, friends and customers. 

This bundle contains all of the puppets in the Christmas Crew family;

Santa (White version).
Santa (Black version)
Mrs. Claus
Santa’s Living Room (Background)

The Xmas Crew Bundle includes the ‘Santa’s Living Room’ background puppet. This background is delivered as a .puppet file and also comes with a trigger sheet.

Santa Lounge

Each puppet comes with an included Trigger Sheet.

For more detailed breakdowns please visit the puppets individual pages in the store.

Download is delivered as a single, 12 MB .zip file. The .zip file will contain the .puppet files as well as Trigger Sheets and License Information.

Xmas Crew
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Adobe Illustrator Puppets for Adobe Character Animator (2021)