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Moving the CONTROLS Panel in Adobe Character Animator


Electro Puppet characters come with a LOT of triggers. In this tutorial we go over how to move the CONTROLS PANEL to make better use of your screen real estate. 
In earlier versions of Adobe Character Animator, the CONTROLS PANEL (the place where all your triggers are displayed) was down alongside the timeline window. Adobe decided to move that window to share the TRIGGERS PANEL. That is great for puppets that don’t have many triggers – but we use a lot of triggers and prefer having them spread out across the screen.
So this is a quick tutorial on how you can move your CONTROLS PANEL back where it was and better see all your Electro Puppet triggers how they were intended.
In the RECORD SCREEN, all you have to do is RIGHT CLICK and hold on the CONTROLS PANEL – then drag the panel down beside the TIMELINE PANEL.
You’ll see a purple color showing where the panel will relocate to. When you have it in the right place, you can release the mouse button.
Move Controls Panel

And that’s it!

If you prefer it how it was, just drag it back.

Our preference is to have all the triggers spread out in an easy to see panel that stretches across the screen. That’s how we lay everything out for and we’ve had a few customers ask how to get it back where it was.

So there you go! back in control of your CONTROLS! 🙂