Writing a script for Adobe Character Animator

Writing An Animation Script For Adobe Character Animator

Want to create a presentation using Adobe Character Animator – but don’t know where to start? This short tutorial should help!

Any presentation requires a plan. Often when presenting to an audience we would reference flashcards or bullet points. Video is no different. With video we need a script. 

This brief tutorial is designed to give you some ideas and things to think about when writing your script.

What is the point?

The first thing you want to identify, is the point or goal of your video. What would you like viewers to take-away after seeing your presentation? Is it to be aware of your company? Introduce them to a new product or service? Or is it simply to entertain them?

A great way to do this is to ask a question, which you will then answer. Say you have a tire company. Your aim might be to educate your viewers on how to identify a worn tire. So your might start with the question; “Do you know the warning signs of a worn tire?”

Or you might have a café with a new coffee and cake offer. So you might ask; “Have you seen our March Coffee and Cake deal?”

Asking a question like this leads you into an answer where you can inform your audience about the thing you wish to promote or discuss.

Keep your sentences brief. Nobody wants to listen to points that waffle. Keep your language simple and accessible. Don’t use words your audience have to look up. They won’t.

Keep a conversational tone. You want your audience to feel like you are talking to them – not reading to them.

Remember, somebody will have to read this aloud. So make sure you haven’t created a horrible tongue twister for your presenter to get tangled with!

Call to Action

That isn’t a cue for you to do a Tarzan scream. A call to action is a way for your audience to take action regarding the problem you presented. If you have a tire company, you may offer to inspect their tires for free – simply by hitting this ‘book an appointment’ button. Or take advantage of the Coffee and Cake deal by clicking this voucher. Call to Action is the last thing that a visitor is going to experience with your presentation.

Keep it simple

Many YouTube videos end with; make sure you click like and leave a comment and subscribe and hit that notification bell. That’s too much!! What is the one thing you’d most like your viewer to do? Don’t be greedy. Respect their time and be grateful they have gotten to the end and are willing to do something.

Keep it Visual

Remember, this is for a video. While sound is really important, it’s only half of the presentation. When you are writing, visualise the images that will accompany the presentation. Leave space for the audience to take in a visual. Or to let a visual gag play out.


When you write your script, keep reading through it and condensing and refining. I guarantee there are several areas you can simplify and streamline. Take a day or two away from it. Then read through and edit again. I bet you find something to change.

Try and keep things upbeat and entertaining. Nobody wants to sit through a slow or boring presentation. Try and throw in a gag or a funny comment. Your audience will appreciate it.


Your script is your blueprint for everything else. You need a clear point. You need to be concise. Entertaining. Offer a solution with a clear action for your viewers to take. Once you are happy with your script, you are ready to look at recording your audio.

Click [here] to make sure you have the right gear to record your audio for Adobe Character Animator.