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Puppets for Adobe Character Animator (2023)

TOON LOONS XMAS BUNDLE contains an assortment of Christmas puppets to stage a festive animated presentation. This bundle includes St. Nick (aka Santa Claus). Jessica (aka Mrs. Claus), Frostbite (Large Snowman) and Icicle (smaller Snowman) as well as Elves Holly and Noel.

Create you own fun Xmas animation to share with your audience.

Toon Loons Xmas Bundle contains the following puppets from the Toon Loons family;

St. Nick

The Toon Loons Xmas Bundle also comes with a bonus background, Santa’s Workshop Exterior. This background is delivered as a .puppet file and also comes with a trigger sheet.

Santa WS 03

And finally – as an added bonus we have thrown in a version of St. Nick, seated on his chair. So you can have him sitting at home, in a mall or where ever you please. 

Santa Seated

Each puppet comes with an included Trigger Sheet.

For more detailed breakdowns please visit the puppets individual pages in the store.

Download is delivered as a single, 25 MB .zip file. The .zip file will contain the .puppet files as well as Trigger Sheets and License Information.

TL Xmas Bundle
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Adobe Illustrator Puppets for Adobe Character Animator (2023)